Windows 10 - Should I Upgrade

Is it right for you?

    Just because something is new, improved or free, it doesn't mean that you should go for it without carefully considering the circumstances especially when it is as central to your life as your PC's OS (Operating System). The key is to determine whether or not you are happy with your old system and/or whether or not the new OS will bring improvements or new features you need. Will you cope with the loss of features, tools or files when upgrading? Will there be any hidden costs?

So, what is Windows 10?

    If you loved Windows 7 and thought finally Microsoft got it right but wished it could start faster, Windows 10 greatly improves on system performance. No more full Start screen nor Charms Bar as seen in Windows 8 and return of Start menu and its embedded Power button! 

    Windows 10 has been designed to run fast and well on low-powered devices including tablets, notebooks... so, if you were to install it on your Windows 7 PC you'll be very likely to notice a significant speed boost!

Yes but...

    Because most new OS are developed with the hardware of the time, not every old computer might see a boost in performance... some might actually slow down. For instance, if your GPU (Graphics Card) is prior to DirectX 9 or if you have less than 16GB free on your hard drive which you really shouldn't anyway! To check what version of DirectX you are running, click the "Start" button and type in dxdiag in the search box then hit "Enter".