Conventional hard drive vs. Solid State hard drive

the HHD (Hard Disk Drive)

A series of disks called platers, spinning, depending on the model at 5400rpm, 7200rpm, 10000rpm and even some high end ones at 15000rpm. Those drives being mechanical, eventually, wear out and fail. All mechanical drive will fail, it is just a matter of how and when... The data transfer rate (the speed at which data is beeing read and written onto the disks is limited by how fast your disk is spinning at (to keep it simple).

THE SSD (Solid State Drive)

The SSD is composed of micro chips. There are no moving parts at all therefore, the data transfer rate is a lot faster than that of the HDD. Further more, being non-mechanical they produce very little heat, require very little power consumption to function. Replace your HDD for an SSD and suddenly, your Mac or PC will run up to 10 times faster....

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