Welcome to Lewes Computer Repair

Based in Lewes, East Sussex, Lewes Computer Repair aims at fixing your computers (hardware and software) and at making sure they are optimised for what you are using them for.

Lewes Computer Repair provides professional, trustworthy computer repair services to business and residential users throughout the Lewes area, at a competitive rate.
Trained in both Apple Computers and Microsoft, we can assist you with all your IT related problems. 

 Parental Control Tuition Services

So, how exactly can we help you?

  • if you are a small company and are having trouble with your network, either wireless or Ethernet;
  • if your computer takes a long time to start-up;
  • if your computer is running slow and/or occasionally freezes;
  • if you are getting a blue screen at start-up;
  • if when you are surfing the Internet random windows keep popping up;
  • if you are thinking of upgrading your computer;
  • if your computer has crashed and you would like to retrieve the data on your hard drive(s);
  • if you have bought a new computer and would like help setting it up;
  • if you think your computer has viruses, malware, trojans or spyware;
  • if you are new to the computer world and would like some tuition;

     and the list could go on...